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Portfolio single

Portfolio single project small image slider
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  • Model: Marissa Cleverstone
  • Client: Vogue Magazine
  • Date: October 05, 2013

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This is Thalassa, super powerful and responsive theme. Thalassa comes with uniquely designed five home page layouts, couple of header and footer design options and many, many more pages layouts. With it's clean and beautiful design it will suit every project, from business website to creative portfolio or agency. Thalassa is fully responsive, so your website will look excellent on any mobile device. It has 1170px wide layout which degrades beautifully on smaller screen sizes.

Thalassa is based on twitter bootstrap 1170 grid system and is fully responsive. this means that your website will look excellent on any mobile device. Responsive styling is placed in separate css file, so you can disable it in any time you want.

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